About Me


My name is Krishna Kant Sharma. I am a freelance web developer (full stack) living in Bhopal, India.

I started my career in web development ago as a php developer specialising in wordpress (setup, theme and plugin development).

Currently, I create fast, multilingual, scalable and secure web applications in javascript stack (nodejs backend, with backbone/marionette front-end).

I am comfortable in golang, javascript/nodejs, php, python, c and bash scripting. I am also good at creating front end ui (html/css/js).

My current expertise in web applications development includes

  • backend development
  • front-end development
  • security
  • scaling (vertical, horizontal, fault tolerance, automation)
  • server management
  • automating deployment and other tasks
  • mysql query/management/scaling/fault tolerance
  • redis management/scaling/fault tolerance

See the full stack.

Heard enough already? Please connect via facebook, twitter, or linkedin. Or you can contact me directly.

Few random things about me

  • I love to read (fiction: fantasy, spy, thriller, horror, romance. non-fiction: psychology, philosophy)
  • My favourite tv shows: Breaking bad. Dexter. The wire. Prison break. Friends. How I met your mother.
  • I like playing games (favourites: gta5, the last of us, far cry, battlefield4, assassin creed)
  • I like working out, trekking, driving, chilling with friends and family.